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Whatever Is Troubling You, I Can Help & Relieve

Dr Frank Lea

Hi, I’m Dr Frank Lea…

  • I am a Consultant in Stress Management, Motivation, Confidence Building, Hypnotherapy and Self Healing.
  • My services ensure a healthy, happy workforce, reduced absenteeism, more efficiency and productivity, and security against the risk of damaging compensation claims and compliance with health and safety executive directives.
  • I help people and businesses achieve the success they want and deserve.

About Me

Dr Frank W. Lea

DD, RPHH, DipNLP (MasterPrac), APHP

  • I have been practising Hypnotherapy for more than 20 years and in that time have taught my techniques to many of the more recognisable celebrity hypnotists, the ones who have chosen fame as their chosen marketing medium.
  • I have written two authoritive books on the subject of Hypnotherapy to record my experiences and case studies. These books are on Amazon.
  • I have also written a comprehensive, high-ticket course on Hypnotherapy which you can buy at a discount direct from me.

My Hypnotherapy Consulting Services

  • The originator of Creative Mind Techniques, Dr. Frank Lea, has published two self-help self-healing books and a 630+ page hypnotherapy training course which is sold by an American organisation for $1995.
  • This course is available from the author for just £350, it is divided into 19 sections which can be purchased at £22 per section allowing the students to study at their own pace as finances allow.
  • There are also two optional one day personal training for practice and demonstrations at just £50 per day to those purchasing the hypnotherapy course.

Dr Frank Lea Speaking on Hypnotherapy

  • Dr Frank is particularly keen on public speaking, ideally at Lions Clubs, Rotary Clubs, Womens Institutes and especially Public Speaking circuits.
  • Franks speaking engagements are highly interactive as he demonstrates how hypnosis can be induced and how hypnotherapy can be utilised as a powerful agent to improve or resolve problems i.e. weight loss hypnotherapy, stop smoking hypnotherapy and hypnotherapy for anxiety etc.
  • Dr Frank has a large reservoir of stories and experiences to draw from during his long career in hypnotherapy that will amuse and entertain any type of audience.

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