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In recounting this case history I will quote as accurately as I can the words spoken by myself and the client. Th is particular case is also a good example of how the subconscious can manifest symptoms of its anxiety that seem unrelated to the causal event, and, interestingly how more than one symptom can be manifested.

The client was a lady in her early 30`s she came to me because her fear of needles, more specifically, a fear of having injections, was preventing her from having inoculations against disease and those inoculations required for foreign travel. Th is obviously restricted her choice of holiday destinations and both she and he husband were unhappy about this.

As we progressed through the analysis we experienced a lengthy abreaction which revealed more than one symptom of the subconscious anxiety.

It transpired that as a child aged five she was bitten by a dog and had to undergo tetanus injections which were painful and unpleasant to her.

During the abreaction she recalled returning home after the tetanus injections and standing in her bedroom, the room was dark because the curtains were drawn. Strangely enough she reported that she could `see` herself lying on the bed even though she knew she was actually standing just inside the room. She `saw` herself lying on the bed and then floating up to the ceiling, she was also crying, anxious and frightened.

During these proceedings the subconscious buried or repressed the event in order to protect her from remembering the unhappy and frightening experience. It also installed a programme that called for her to avoid such anxiety and fear in the future she would need to avoid injections. Th e interesting thing is that the subconscious also installed a programme that caused her to be afraid of tunnels.

Looking at this logically you could reasonable expect the lady to have had a fear of dogs but she confirmed that even immediately after being bitten by the dog she was not afraid of them.

Before bringing her out of hypnosis I rolled her sleeve up and told her I was going to give her an injection, I did this by gently touching her arm with my little finger nail (in therapy this is known as testing).

When she confirmed that she was perfectly comfortable receiving the injection I gave her a short suggestion therapy to the effect that she would have no problem with injections in the future and could now look forward to foreign travel. (Th is is known as future pacing in hypnotherapy and in NLP).

Upon returning to normal consciousness we discussed the revelation of the fear of tunnels and she ascertained that she felt sure she no longer had that problem. The two were connected to the same causal event and releasing one also released the other.

I have since received confirmation that she has had inoculations and has travelled in the 24 mile Channel Tunnel without problems or anxiety.




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