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Many years ago a member of my family was diagnosed with a very rare, painful and debilitating complaint which only a few medical professionals knew much about, and no cure was known nor has since been discovered. In addition to this she also suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Wheat Intolerance. She coped with this stoically for many years.

One fortunate day I spotted a small advertisement offering training in hypnotherapy with a promise that a lucrative and satisfying career was a distinct possibility.

As I had spent many years studying and practicing martial arts I already knew that a great deal of the power of martial arts came from the mind rather than just physical strength and ability. Because of this the idea of hypnosis struck me as possibly providing the means to help my family member through utilising the power of her mind, particularly because the slightest stress always aggravated her condition, so it was obvious to me that because stress was definitely a state of mind and also contributed to the Irritable Bowel Syndrome hypnosis could be a way to ease the stress and alleviate the condition. With this motivation I applied for the course.

This particular course was expected to take up to two years to complete (unlike today where trainers think two or three days` training is sufficient). Amazingly to me, I discovered I had a natural tendency towards hypnotherapy and easily assimilated the knowledge and skills involved. As a result I completed the course in six months and passed the exam with a 94% marking.

Using my new found skills I`m happy to say that I successfully relieved the lady mentioned of her Irritable Bowel Syndrome which led to a reduction in the problem with wheat intolerance. However, I have to admit I have not been wholly successful with the rare condition but have helped reduce its impact far more than the medical people had been able to do to the extent that they asked how this was done because they noticed the change in her condition, since then they utilise the method I showed them to help their other patients.

At a later time I also used my knowledge and skills to help the same lady when she was diagnose with breast cancer – no, I was not able to cure the cancer, at that time I didn`t know how to approach such a task, though I do now. I was, however, able to help her cope with the tremendous emotional and mental trauma (which we know everyone diagnosed with cancer suffers) and was able to help her approach the surgery she needed in a calm and positive manner. Pleasingly the surgeon commented on her state of mind and positive reaction to the surgery, acknowledging that the success of the operation and subsequent speedy recovery was definitely enhanced by it. Happily I have since been able to help many people prior to operations in this way.

Though originally my intention to learn hypnotherapy was purely to help the lady mentioned and not as a career in its own right I derived so much satisfaction from helping people and witnessing the amazing results of hypnotherapy that it did become my main career. Now that I am getting on in years this book is my endeavour to pass on my skills and knowledge so that others can enjoy the satisfaction of healing themselves and other people and, if you like, carrying on the good work, or passing on the good news.

Important thoughts on hypnotherapy:- for many people the perception of a hypnotist is that of someone who has mysterious powers, is a bit scary and can `take over` a person, this comes from stage hypnotists who have people doing all sorts of crazy things, the media often portray hypnotists in the same light. Some hypnotherapists actively promote this image of themselves being`special` with `amazing powers` – this often prevents some people from gaining the benefits of hypnosis through fear of being `taken over` or putting themselves under the control of the hypnotist.

This is so far from the truth as to be laughable, the hypnotherapist does not have special or mysterious powers, he does have a good working knowledge and understanding of the human mind together with a genuine desire to help people and the ability to build good rapport and empathy with his clients.

Only you can fully understand your problem and how it is affecting your life and only you, or more specifically your subconscious knows what caused the problem and only your subconscious can make the changes necessary to resolve the problem. The hypnotherapist is merely the guide to help you access your subconscious, find the cause(s) and bring about the desired resolution.

With this in mind I am sure you understand the importance of having full and accurate knowledge and understanding of the human mind and a comprehensive knowledge of how to make effective use of hypnosis.

This book will provide you with all the knowledge, skills and practical advice on using hypnosis to access the enormous power of the subconscious mind and so bring about the resolution of a wide range of problems and conditions for yourself and others, thereby having a truly satisfying life.




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