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Have You Considered Hypnosis For Allergies?

This case study is to demonstrate the effectiveness of hypnosis for allergies and the relief of allergies that conventional medicine could be ineffective in treating. It demonstrates that while in the hypnotic state the subconscious can be accessed and the original cause of the allergy can be discovered and dealt with. It also shows that all allergies are not necessarily due to adverse bodily reactions to certain stimulants but can originate from subconscious anxiety causing it to create a `protection mechanism` to help the person avoid what the subconscious perceives as a danger.

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What Hypnosis Is and What Hypnosis Can Achieve

Let’s address what hypnosis is and what hypnosis can achieve.

The terms hypnosis and hypnotherapist are familiar to most people but new to others so the question is often asked “what is hypnosis?”

To answer this it helps to describe the work of the hypnotherapist. Originally hypnotherapy was, and often still is, a suggestion based therapy where some concept, idea or suggestion is put forward to the client. This form of therapy is particularly useful to help a person stop smoking for instance.

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