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– She Only Had Eight Weeks to Live –

Does Hypnotherapy Work?

You may be asking the question ‘Does hypnotherapy work?’  Read this short case study and decide for yourself whether hypnotherapy works or not..

I include this case to illustrate how hypnotherapy, particularly my creative mindpower techniques, can progress and how the mind can bring about physical healing and also give a demonstration of `speaking with the subconscious` which with carefully deepened hypnosis is quite possible and a very effective healing tool.

A lady reported that she had been given the news that she had a maximum of eight weeks to live, her medical condition being too far advanced to respond to any further treatment. – A battle of five years having been lost. (I’m being deliberately vague as to the nature of her condition to avoid raising hopes in others who may be similarly affected.)

The lady in question did not ask herself ‘does hypnotherapy work’ for this condition, but rather asked for my assistance with dying with dignity. (Perhaps a last-minute cry for help?).

It is possible with suitable co-operation, to have the subconscious speak directly, that is for it to take the voice over and speak to the hypnotherapist while the client listens in. This was successfully carried out in hypnosis, let’s call her Jane, the exchange proceeded as follows:

Therapist: “Subconscious have you caused this condition to come into being for some purpose?”

Client: Yes

Therapist: “Subconscious, if you thought it more appropriate to do so, could you send Jane’s condition into remission, completely totally and permanently?”

Client: Yes

Therapist: “Thank you subconscious. Subconscious, if I suggest a better way of looking after Jane, would you be prepared to consider it?”

Client: Yes

Therapist: “Subconscious, to make such a suggestion, I need to know and understand Jane better, this could take several sessions, would you agree to commence the remission process, to give me the time I require?”

Client: Yes

Therapist: “Then subconscious, when I count to three, and click my fingers please make the changes needed to commence the remission.”

On the ‘click’ (count of 3 then click fingers) the lady opened her eyes reporting that a sudden shock had gone through her entire body. During the six weeks of analysis she continued to make progress with her condition, and with her subconscious anxiety being resolved her condition was released.

Following analysis, a subsequent plan calling for a far more fulfilling and satisfying life was put forward and accepted by her subconscious. Some six months later, I contacted her to enquire of her progress. Amazingly it took several seconds for her to recall who I was, but then stated life to be ‘fine’ and reported she had virtually forgotten the matter.

This case will probably not be sufficient by itself to answer the question ‘does hypnotherapy work?’  However, over the course of many successful cases, I no longer have to ask myself ‘does hypnotherapy work’ – I’ve seen it work now on countless occasions and I am convinced that it will for you too.

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