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I am happy to say my book, “Creative Mindpower Techniques” has received a Gold Shield Award and I am posting excerpts from independent reviews, just to do a bit of trumpet blowing…..

Dr. Frank Lea`s Creative Mindpower Techniques is clearly written, and offers an overview of what hypnosis is and what it can achieve, as well as numerous techniques for successfully communicating with the subconscious.

Hypnosis, he says, can help the body heal from injury; help someone to perform better in sports, public speaking and test taking; ease labour and childbirth; and help eradicate numerous neuroses and phobias. He adds details of case histories from his own experiences as a professional hypnotherapist, during which he successfully healed hundreds of clients.

This book offers comprehensive information and techniques for anyone looking for self-improvement

“It is interesting to speculate on how the mind has such very different capacities in hypnosis when compared to the non-hypnotic state.”

With over twenty years experience in the field of hypnotherapy, Dr. Lea brings his accumulative knowledge together in this compact and insightful volume. Written for those who would like to carry forth the healing power of hypnotism, Creative Mindpower provides a great introduction and a step-by-step guide to healing one’s self and others. Diffusing the stigma sometimes surrounding the hypnotist, Dr. Lea begins his book by laying out an overview of the functions of and differences between the subconscious and conscious minds.

The subconscious mind requires special attention for hypnotherapy to work properly and Dr. Lea introduces his readers to its processes and function in regards to memory and how to access it as well as how to communicate to the subconscious in general. For it is there, in the subconscious, that a vast amount of healing can and needs to take place.

From here, the book moves into actual methods of self-induction with such practices as The Gazing Technique, Muscle Relaxing Technique, and Five to Zero Technique among others. Each one is carefully written leading the reader through the method for hypnotizing one’s self.

Next, Dr. Lea provides detailed instruction for inducing others into the hypnotic state. He is attentive to allow plenty of side notes for the novice practitioner for situations that could occur and how to handle them. Dr. Lea’s address of such undesired possibilities allows students guidance and support if or when they should arise. The book, however, is not simply a how-to for hypnotism.

It also details why it is useful and how to use it for healing such as coming to terms with troubling events in the past, building self-confidence, and providing more success in the future and nearly every other aspect one might want to improve upon. Dr. Lea’s compassion and insight will be an excellent guide to those who seek it.

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I am a hypnotherapist based in Coventry. I have written two books on hypnotherapy, available on Amazon, and I have many years experience in hypnotherapy. My book, Creative Mindpower Techniques, has received the prestigious Gold Shield Award.

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