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You may be wondering ‘How does hypnotherapy work to heal physical illness?’

I have long known that the mind can and does often cause physical conditions such as problems with the heart and other organs, skin conditions like psoriasis, hay fever, asthma, arthritis and even cancer and so it is logical that the mind can also cure or heal such conditions and hypnotherapy has proven to be very successful in helping the mind to do just that.

After much research the UK government concluded that at least 95% of all illness is due to stress in some form or other and as we all know, stress is a condition of the mind and as such it can be relieved through hypnotherapy.

While the mind is occupied with stress in whatever form it is neglecting the maintenance of some part of the body. The most obvious example would be the skin as the largest organ of the body; the symptoms of stress often show as rashes, boils and psoriasis. This clearly shows the link between stress in the mind and physical symptoms and the same is also often true with other physical symptoms such as those already mentioned.

Since in my opinion hypnotherapy is the most efficient method of alleviating stress it follows that hypnotherapy can also be instrumental in relieving physical conditions.

To explain this more clearly, as stress is a condition of the mind and can effectively be alleviated through hypnotherapy then alleviating stress will also remove the need for the physical symptoms therefore in the case of, let us say, psoriasis being a physical symptom of mental stress and anxiety then once the stress and anxiety have been relieved through hypnotherapy there is no longer a need for the physical symptoms which will then also be relieved and `cured` for want of a better word.

To some it may sound a bit far -fetched that the simple and safe techniques of hypnotherapy can effectively heal physical conditions, often where conventional medicine can only effect relief but no permanent cure. However, I can assure you that over the years, since I first realised that the mind can heal the body, I have developed simple yet effective ways of helping the mind to do this.

I, and other competent hypnotherapists, have been successful in dealing with a wide range of physical conditions including all the ones mentioned in this article and many others besides.

I hope this short article helps to answer the question ‘how does hypnotherapy work?’ If the reader understands the logic of the mind being able to heal the body, since hypnotherapy is the best means of accessing the mind, it follows that hypnotherapy can help to safely and effectively alleviate a host of physical conditions.

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