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This case study is to demonstrate the effectiveness of hypnosis for allergies and the relief of allergies that conventional medicine could be ineffective in treating. It demonstrates that while in the hypnotic state the subconscious can be accessed and the original cause of the allergy can be discovered and dealt with. It also shows that all allergies are not necessarily due to adverse bodily reactions to certain stimulants but can originate from subconscious anxiety causing it to create a `protection mechanism` to help the person avoid what the subconscious perceives as a danger.

A young girl training to become a chef was brought by her mother because she had developed an allergy to onions, she also suffered and frequently screamed out with nightmares in which she saw herself pursued by armed German soldiers in the Second World War, with herself as a Russian woman.

 On arrival for hypnotherapy analysis the girl insisted that we be alone, and that her Mother who had brought her should not be present at the sessions.

 Following the induction of hypnosis I asked her for her earliest, memory of life. The reader may understand how I felt when her immediate response was, instead of a memory of early childhood, she became highly emotional while reporting herself to be standing on a small platform. In front of her were three German soldiers with their rifles pointing at her. Following this she said that the Officer had instructed them to fire.

She then said she had experienced the briefest of a hot pain in her chest. Then she cried out ‘I’ve fallen forward, and I can see myself lying face down on the ground in front of me – But I’m still standing where I was and the Germans are ignoring me.’  She then went on to describe how she had just walked away.

In the sessions that followed, taking twelve in all, it gradually emerged that she saw herself in Russia, soon after the Germans had invaded. She had been interrogated and tortured in an attempt by the Germans to force her to provide information about a local resistance group of which her husband was a member.

 The day before her shooting, and as part of the torture, she reported in extreme emotion, that the Germans had pushed her face into the hot cauldron of onion soup she had been forced to prepare for the soldiers occupying her home.

It was this subconscious association with onions and death that created the programme of protecting her from death by keeping her away from onions – perhaps not logical in retrospect but it does illustrate how the mind can work in mysterious ways.  What started as ‘hypnosis for allergies‘ ended up being something quite different that required analytical hypnotherapy.

Why did it take twelve sessions? Well by then the girl had been fully awakened to her previous life as a grown woman. Compared to that, being a school girl was unacceptable to her, and it was this readjusting that took the bulk of the sessions.

Whilst this case is not typical when using hypnosis for allergies, it does demonstrate that physical allergic symptoms can have a much deeper underlying cause – a cause that only becomes apparent through the use of hypnosis.

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