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HYPNOTHERAPY CAN DOUBLE Your Fat Loss While You Sleep?

No matter what weight loss plan you may be using or want to use; adding the power of hypnosis has been shown to DOUBLE your fat loss……WHILE YOU SLEEP!
Under multiple clinical tests, people who put this simple technique to work for them lost well over twice the amount of weight over subjects who did NOT use this technique… All while using the exact same fat loss strategy!
And by the end of this blog post today, you’ll know why this has been working so well for over 5 years now, and how to start using it immediately too…
The simple action of using hypnosis with a weight loss programme has now been proven by research to DOUBLE the results of whatever programme you’re following–in fact a comprehensive analysis of ALL research on this subject shows that using hypnosis vs. no hypnosis boosts results by 97% immediately, and by 148% over the long term when the SAME exact diet and exercise program is being used by both groups.
Now you may be thinking, how does hypnosis make a fat loss system more effective?
Well, it doesn’t! That is probably the coolest part… it simply increases your chances —dramatically— that you’ll actually stick with the program.
Now we all know that the main reason we fail to get results from any fat loss programme is we can’t stick to it, so that’s why hypnotherapy can help you to stick with whatever diet or exercise routine they are doing.
Furthermore, before a weight programme can be really effective any underlying emotional or psychological states that may be driving one to be overweight must be eliminated and this is best done through a personal session with a professional hypnotherapist, particularly one who understands about weight loss.
Once any underlying emotional or psychological issues have been eliminated one of the best ways to use hypnotherapy is by listening to a professional self-hypnosis CD such as my `get thinner permanently` CD in bed right before going to sleep, so you’re actually doubling your fat loss potential in the moments before sleep, and while you drift away into dreamland you reprogramme your mind for success.
Here are some quotes from respected magazines and institutions….
CONSUMER REPORTS “hypnosis can help adult patients control pain, relieve gastrointestinal problems, stimulate weight loss, clear up skin problems and accelerate the healing of bone fractures and surgical wounds”
WEB-MD “hypnosis is merely a tool –a technique to tap into the subconscious, says Oster, who heads the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis. No pocket watches and no one clucks like a chicken afterwards. In fact hypnosis is a state of concentration and focussed attention. With it the mind can be more powerful. You simply have slipped into your subconscious. The American Psychology Association has endorsed hypnosis for a number of years. In 1955 the National Institute of health announced its support for hypnosis for cancer pain and other pain conditions. Research from Harvard Medical School and other institutions is showing evidence that hypnosis is indeed a process of mind over body”
NEWSWEEK “Hypnosis can help. A growing body of research supports the ancient practice as an effective tool in the treatment of a variety of problems, from anxiety to chronic pain”
BUSINESS WEEK “Hypnosis has gained credibility in the past 5 years because of research using the latest brain imaging technology. Studies show that hypnosis can help treat a multitude of disorders”
I know you’re probably thinking about what it can do for you. As I said this is one case where there’s no getting around the research You’d probably like to get more serious than you are right now about really following through this time with whatever programme you are trying, and you can begin to understand too why all this research shows dramatically better results when hypnosis is put to good use.
If we don’t make our own goals in life, someone else will attempt to do so for us
STOP THE SELF-SABOTAGE If you’ve ever struggled to consistently follow your desired eating plan . . . If you’ve ever failed to overcome intense cravings despite your best efforts . . . If you’ve ever wished you could find the motivation to get up off the couch and exercise like you know you should . . . You will find hypnosis is the most practical, painless way you can eliminate thought patterns that make you overweight, find the inner strength to follow through, and finally start achieving the state of optimal health that you deserve. And you will feel hope that you can control your weight with motivation, energy, and willpower to stick to your weight loss goals.
A lot of books and information products pitch dozens of different diets . . . as if the diets, by themselves, could transform you into a skinny person. But this simply isn’t true. The fact is
Diets Alone Are NOT Enough to Attain Your Ideal Weight
The trick is not to fill your head with more diet plans — it’s to choose a great plan or better still simply eat small amounts of healthy food regularly throughout the day and then reprogramme your mind so that following your eating and activity programme is no longer “hard” . . . but easy and enjoyable. So that you have fun exercising and eating right. So that you stop causing self-induced conflict and stress . . . and begin naturally doing the things that will help you lose weight.
How Many Times Have You Quit Your Diet?
If you are like most people, the answer is probably close to “EVERY TIME I’VE STARTED ONE!!!” Think about it: you probably would not be reading this if you were consistently following a healthy eating and exercise plan. The bottom line is, you must get rid of the unhealthy thought patterns that are making you fat. These thought patterns, which are stored in your subconscious mind, must be replaced with “healthy thoughts” and “healthy habits” so that you will automatically do what you need to do . . . without ever thinking twice about it!
So what’s the secret to eliminating “fat thinking” instantly? I’ll tell you . . .
The Secret Is to Destroy Subconscious Blocks, Create New Thought Patterns, and Harmonise Your Conscious and Subconscious Mind
If all this sounds complicated, don’t worry. It’s actually far easier than you may think. Anybody can do it if they can spare 10-20 minutes a day for a period of 21 days
Program Your Mind to Lose Weight Fast
When you say “hypnosis,” most people think of magic shows, silly stage acts, and possibly even witchcraft. Frankly, nothing could be further from the truth. Hypnosis is simply this: a relaxed state of mind in which you are more receptive to suggestions. The use of hypnosis to treat disease (called “hypnotherapy”) has been around for more than half a century. In fact, the British Medical Association approved the use of hypnotherapy in 1955. The American Medical Association approved its use in 1958. As you might imagine, if major medical associations have approved the use of hypnosis to treat disease, imagine how powerful it is when treating thought patterns that stand in the way of the slim body you deserve!
Clinical Studies Prove Hypnosis Works . . .Increases Weight Loss by 146%
In a 9-week study of two weight management groups (one using hypnosis and one not using hypnosis), the hypnosis group continued to get results in the two-year follow-up, while the non-hypnosis group showed no further results (Journal of Clinical Psychology, 1985).
In a study of 60 women separated into hypnosis versus non-hypnosis groups, the groups using hypnosis lost an average of 17 pounds, while the non-hypnosis group lost an average of only .5 pounds (Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 1986).
In a meta-analysis, comparing the results of adding hypnosis to weight loss treatment across multiple studies showed that adding hypnosis increased weight loss by an average of 97% during treatment, and even more importantly increased the effectiveness POST TREATMENT by over 146%. This shows that hypnosis works even better over time (Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 1996).
Even Newsweek Magazine writes, “The easiest way to break bad habits is through hypnosis.”
The bottom line here is that when hypnosis sessions are added to various weight loss programs, the results are always better — more than 146% better over the long term!
(By the way, if you are sceptical and have any questions at all, I will personally answer them. simply contact me through this website).
But here’s the most exciting part. When you combine hypnosis with any weight loss programme you choose to follow
You Have the Perfect “Recipe” for Permanent Weight Loss!

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