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In the UK the National Health Service (NHS) spends billions of pounds on funding and medical research yet many common conditions such as allergies, arthritis, diabetes and hay fever persist which cannot be successfully `cured` but only treated.  Even then the treatments of some conditions have dangerous and sometimes fatal adverse effects such as heart, kidney and stomach damage, one notorious example  was Thalidomide, once medically prescribed for depression, anxiety, insomnia, migraine and asthma.

Something is clearly wrong and something must be missing from modern conventional medicine, but what?- the answer is so obvious that it defies comprehension as to why it has not been previously realised.

The answer of course is in the fundamental truth that the mind runs both itself and the entire body system. This may seem an obvious statement but surprisingly this simple principle of the mind as a supreme factor seems neither to be taught as a major subject in medical training or given much consideration by doctors or psychiatrists in treating their patients.

Freud once wrote that when it comes to matters of the mind, most doctors and most psychiatrists are laymen! Sadly this seems to be as true today as when it was first written. As far as I can ascertain not only is the medical world largely bereft in this area there seems to be no university curriculum offering the study of the mind as a degree course. Psychology and psychiatry is widely taught but not the workings of the mind which is a very different subject to psychology today.

To clarify this statement let me say that the concept of the mind, it is the programme of the brain which is referred to, it is like comparing the brain to a computer which, like the brain is a tangible entity while the programme within the computer (the software) is what has the real effect, the computer`s programme is invisible, so it is with the mind within the physical brain.

The effects of the mind are usually quite apparent but the mind`s programme is not. The mind as such seems to lack attention by those who prefer the more `practical` approach to medical matters, and so in conventional medical practice the effect of the mind on health is largely ignored and not fully understood – you may visit a doctor with some problem only to be told “it is all in your mind” yet that doctor does not even consider dealing with the mind to help resolve the problem.

A sad result of this oversight is that huge numbers of people continue to suffer from many conditions and maladies, innumerable unnecessary operations are carried out and millions of pounds are wasted, thousands of people have tests which fail to identify the causes of their conditions, thousands are forced to stop working or are left to become disabled or psychotic. Thousands endure dreadfully impaired lives and many even die from this unforgiveable oversight.

The fact is that where a symptom is a product of a mind condition often little or no help is available or even offered other than to attempt to alleviate the symptom with often harmful drugs which fail to address the actual cause, therefore the symptom may be buried but the cause is still active and will ultimately give rise to other, often worse symptoms. Period pains, pre menstrual tension, eczema, irritable bowel syndrome and similar maladies are good examples of this where the symptoms are commonly arising from the mind. Despite this, in conventional treatment the mind is normally ignored, virtually guaranteeing the failure of the treatment.

Looking to psychiatry (in my opinion one of the most harmful conventional treatments) an equally bleak situation is found, here we have the prime concern, the brain, the in-depth observation of human behaviour, advice, drugs electric shock treatment, operations and confinements are used but with little or no consideration being given to the mind. Incidentally, I am sure that if psychiatrists studied and used this course their success rate would rocket along with their fame and income but I`m afraid they won’t because they do not like to admit that something may be more effective that what they already do.

As a result psychological illness are often the most protracted conditions of all to be treated and to relieve the pressure of demands patients are often returned to society from psychiatric hospitals while still mentally ill. To illustrate this I quote a recent case where I treated a client who had suffered from psychosis for 18 years with no real benefit from psychiatric treatment in all that time yet it only took 3 sessions of hypnotherapy to relieve the problem and the client now lives a normal happy life, has a good job and career and has in fact asked me to train her in hypnotherapy so she can help others who are suffering as she used to.

Psychotherapists or psychoanalysts are in between psychiatrists and hypnotherapists. Psychotherapy is directed at achieving release of neurotic conditions and in that sense are working with the mind of the patient, however, patients will often need to attend almost daily and often for years. This is because the benefit of hypnosis, the key to the mind, is rarely used. As a result the patient will incur costs of many thousands of £s or $s.

Lastly, although it should really be first, there is Holistic Hypnotherapy through Creative Mindpower Techniques which does deal directly with the mind, by using hypnosis as the key. In the pages of this course the student will find all the knowledge required to fully understand the human mind and how to use this hypnosis key to resolve a huge range of problems and conditions thus filling the gap in conventional medicine.

All the conditions mentioned so far and many more can successfully respond to holistic hypnotherapy and CMT with the problems and conditions normally being permanently relieved, all by using the natural and safe healing methods with nothing more toxic than the human voice and the only side-effects being feelings of relaxation, peace and calm, even with little or no conventional medical knowledge.


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