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Yes you read that right……..weight-loss diets make you fat.  Why…… I am sure you know the slimming industry make ££millions annually, if their diets worked everyone would be slim and they would be out of business…….so they obviously do not want you to permanently lose weight.  Yes, their diets and products will initially help you lose a few pounds but the weight will come back, usually with bonus extra weight.

The diet industry pays “scientists” to tout various foods as aiding weight loss but in truth these foods will cause you to gain weight, here is a short list of some foods you are encouraged to eat that are in fact best avoided.  I will not go into details here why this is so but if you need more details you are welcome to contact me, details on  and I will explain.

Do Avoid:

Fruit juices made from concentrates

Processed foods

Margarine….(butter is best)

Wholegrain bread

Processed Soya products

Sweet corn

There are many foods that genuinely help to burn fat, here are some of them plus a recipe for a fat burning soup (at the end of this article)

Speed up metabolism with

Apples and berries, citrus fruits, Garlic, Soy beans

Flush out fluids and fat with

Apple cider vinegar, Asparagus, Beetroot, Brussel sprouts, Cabbage, Carrots, Celery, Cucumber, Garlic, Horseradish, Lettuce, Onions, Radishes and Tomatoes

Bust hard fats with

Oily fish, Corn oil, Peanut oil, Safflower oil, Sunflower seed oil……..avoid coconut and palm oils

Kill fatty deposits with

Raw or steamed vegetables, Root vegetables,  Wholegrains and the bran of grains, Fruit and veg. With tough skin, pod vegetables (peas, beans, etc.)  Seeds and nuts.

Other fat and weight loss foods

Celery, Chilli peppers, Ice cold water, Grapefruit, Green tea, Salad, Vegetable soup

In all of this eating little and often rather than 3 big meals a day, do not eat less than 1000 calories a day or more than is right for your age and height. Eat breakfast to kick start your metabolism. Move yourself with gentle exercise and free weights……..toned muscle burns calories even when you are asleep.

I hope you find this informative and helpful, if you want more detailed information just email me.

What has this got to do with hypnotherapy?    Simple, I am happy to help all I can with your goal of attaining and maintaining a healthy weigh and save you a great deal of money and stress. And of course I know from years of experience that most people overeat as compensation for emotional or psychological reasons and no amount of dieting and weight loss attempts will succeed in the long term until the emotional or psychological issues that drive the eating habits are dealt with……That is best achieved using the power of hypnotherapy which is, in my opinion the only safe and sure way


In any proportions you wish…….unpeeled cucumber, spring or Spanish onion, lettuce, celery. Chop and bring to boil in vegetable stock, simmer till softish, salt and pepper, blitz in blender.  You now have delicious hot or cold soup made entirely of fat burning ingredients.  

If you wish to spice it up a bit add some chilli  powder.


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