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For those who wish to enter the satisfying and lucrative profession of ‘Hypnotherapy’, we consider my hypnotherapy courses to be the best value for money, most comprehensive and practical courses available today.

I’m offering my course online for a fraction of its true value as you will soon find out.

Health is usually taken for granted … until you lose it and then it becomes the top priority!

The course is based upon my actual experiences of using hypnotherapy in the field and countless cases.

Who Is This Course For?

The course has been designed to be suitable for a wide variety of student needs.

Whether you wish to study the course

  • from pure interest,
  • wishing to understand yourself and others more,
  • add knowledge and skills to other studies such as psychology, life coaching and counselling,
  • to help in your work as a medical professional or
  • to solve your own, family and friends health problems,

this course will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed.

For those who are already established hypnotherapists, we find this course is a valuable addition to their professional knowledge as indicated by the many comments and letters received from those who have trained with us.

The immense satisfaction that can be derived from beneficially changing the quality of life for people, helping them overcome restricting and debilitating mental and physical problems is hard to express in written words.  This can only really be appreciated by those having the simple skills and knowledge of holistic hypnotherapy as taught in this course of Creative Mindpower Techniques.

All the skills in this course are given in an easily understood way.

The Benefits Of This Hypnotherapy Course

Here are the key benefits of the Creative Mind Power Techniques Course:

Suggestion, analytical and bodily healing therapy are included in a single course

It reduces the cost of having to take further courses to supplement more basic training

The student receives a broad instruction and full understanding prior to practicing

The practitioner is able to treat clients with a wider range of requirements at the outset

The practitioner has a greater understanding of the inter-action of client`s symptoms and conditions

Client treatment success rates can be higher

A wider knowledge can generate a higher client recommendation basis

It helps inspire confidence in medical professionals who may more readily refer clients

A greater job satisfaction can be enjoyed by being fully competent

It provides the practitioner with skills for a higher earnings potential

The Creative Mind Power Techniques Course Content…

can be bought in sections or as a whole course.

Here is what we cover:

SECTION ONE – CREATIVE MINDPOWER TECHNIQUES AND THE BASIC PRINCIPLES OF THE MIND – What Creative Mindpower Techniques is and what it can achieve. The personal qualities required to be a successful holistic hypnotherapist.  The principles of the mind, the subconscious mind and the subconscious minds` acceptance of fact.  A further role of the subconscious.  The personality of the subconscious mind.  Intelligence and cleverness.

SECTION TWO – FURTHER ASPECTS OF THE MIND – The aura. Telepathy.  Psycho kinesis.   Subconscious mind projection.  Mind effects.  Basic mind laws.  The fear factor rule.  The fight or flight response.  The collective functioning of the mind parts.

SECTION THREE – AN INTRODUCTION TO MENTAL FUNCTIONS – Resistance.  Opposition to change.  Release through recall.  “why” a question that never seems to be asked.  Distorted facts and mind pollution.  The purpose of memory.  Other sense memories.  A joint sense illustration.

SECTION FOUR – HYPNOTHERAPY AND CLIENT SEXUALITY – Autoerotic asphyxiation.  Sexual molestation.  The attraction of the female to the male.  The attraction of the male to the female.  Male/female reactions to disadvantage.  Masturbation.  Frigidity.  Impotence.  Orgasm lack.  Premature ejaculation.  Sexual sadism.  Masochism.  Bondage.  Nymphomania.  Voyeurism.  Flashing and exhibitionism.  False memories.

SECTION FIVE – THE ORIGINS ON NEUROTIC SYMPTOMS – Repressions and faulty programming.  The external event repressed.  The internal event repressed.  Faulty programming.  The direct symptom.  The indirect symptom.  The contrived symptom.  Bodily symptoms.  Mentally experienced symptoms.  Behavioural symptoms.  A repression mechanism theory.  Repressions and psychosis.  The interpretation of eye reactions.  Indications from eye movement.  Hand wringing.

SECTION SIX – PAST LIVES AND THE HUMAN SPIRIT – Relieving the grief of the bereaved.  Past lives regression.  On suicide.  Case history-the hanged man.  On regression.  Past lives regression examples.

SECTION SEVEN – THE OEDIPUS AND ELECTRA COMPLEXES – The Oedipus complex.  Complications arising from the complexes.  The Electra complex.  Parental reactions to the complexes.  In conclusion.

SECTION EIGHT – DEALING DIRECTLY WITH THE SUBCONSCIOUS – The hand holding technique.  The eye technique.  The `physiological` idio motor response.  Speaking directly with the subconscious.  Spontaneous handwriting.

SECTION NINE – THE INDUCTION OF HYPNOSIS – Self induction and the induction of others.  The hypnotic states.  Five methods of self induction.  Deepening self induction.  Inducing hypnosis in others.  An oral technique.  The eye induction method.  Psychotectic induction.  Methods of deepening the hypnotic state.  The five to zero technique.  Giving the client control.  Raises/stiff arm method.  `instant` inductions.

SECTION TEN – CONDUCTING THE ANALYSIS – This section details session by session how to conduct the full eight session therapy in a way that virtually guarantees success, includes neuro linguistic programming.  Unique word for word golden keys for added success.  Quick, almost instant techniques.

SECTION ELEVEN – TREATING CHILDREN AND FURTHER TECHNIQUES – Instant analysis.  Blow-aways.  Re-framing.  Future pacing.  Vocalisation.  Re-building.  Role-reversal.  The colour techniques.  CMT Exclusive `profound pebbles` technique.

SECTION TWELVE – PHOBIAS AND PANIC ATTACKS – explaining panic attacks and phobias and how to deal with them – a list of phobias.

SECTION THIRTEEN – BODILY HEALING – this and section fourteen gives many examples of bodily healing and describes simple yet effective methods of healing. Since the mind runs the body an enormous capacity exists to relieve people from a wide range of physical problems and conditions with the information provided in this and the next section.

SECTION FOURTEEN – BODILY HEALING – a further extensive list of techniques and methods with word by word instructions on actually conducting the healing therapy. This section explains the secrets of healing methods for many major conditions that can often prove largely unresponsive to conventional medical treatment, arthritis and diabetes are examples yet the simple and logical methods do not call for drugs, diets, exercises or advice from the therapist.

SECTION FIFTEEN – SUGGESTION THERAPY – This section explains in detail the techniques of effective suggestion therapy and includes treating people who wish to give up smoking complete with a ready to use script.

SECTION SIXTEEN – SUGGESTION SCRIPTS – the techniques of recordings. The introductory script.  Scripts are given for achievement/motivation, concentration, confidence, dental attendance, habits, emotional self-control. Energy,  fear of flying, health, improved memory, nail biting, obsessional thoughts, picking, scratching and self irritation, pregnancy and childbirth, relaxation, relationship problems, sex, shyness, sleep, slimming and weight loss, stress and anxiety, surgical operations, tests, exams and interviews, timidity and fears, travel fears.

SECTION SEVENTEEN – SELF HELP AND SELF IMPROVEMENT – This section covers preparation for self help and improvement, planning, commencing the analysis, conducting self-analysis, defending self against media pollution, problem solving, calling up the subconscious positively and logically.

SECTION EIGHTEEN – EXAMPLES OF COMMON NEUROTIC SYMPTOMS AND HOW TO DEAL WITH THEM – accident proneness, alcoholism, allergies, anorexia nervosa, anxiety, asthma, bed wetting, blushing, compulsive eating, confidence lack, concentration lack, depression, eczema, fears, hay fever, inferiority, inner rage and anger, lying, migraine, nail biting, nightmares, obsessional behaviour or thoughts, period pains, pre-menstrual tension, rashes, relationship problems, repeating dreams and dream types, shyness, sleeping difficulties, slimming and overweight, smoking, stress, timidity, travel fear, withdrawal, under-achievement.

SECTION NINETEEN – ON PRACTICING – Practical advice on setting up your practice, marketing, advertising and promoting your practice, obtaining referrals and word of mouth promotion.

Why Dr Frank Lea Is Qualified To Teach You

Dr, Frank Lea is resident in the UK, he has studied and practiced hypnotherapy and NLP for 20 years.

He is a fully accredited trainer in hypnotherapy and NLP by the NLP Practitioners Association and is an Advanced Practitioner of Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, a Registered Practitioner of Holistic Hypnotherapy, a member of the Professional Organisation of Stage Hypnotists and also runs the UK Branch of the National Board of Professional and Ethical Standards.

He is the Patron and Chief Trainer of the Academy of Hypnosis and Mind Sciences of India.

Over many years Dr. Lea developed his own exclusive Creative Mindpower Techniques which combine the most effective elements of hypnotherapy and NLP to form the unique and powerful techniques and methods covered in this course.

How To Get Dr Lea’s Hypnotherapy Course

To purchase the complete Course on Hypnotherapy please click here and you will be redirected to our membership training site:

If you would like to purchase specific modules, we charge £22 per module.  Simply send a message to me using my Contact form setting out the specific modules that you wish to purchase and I will send you a Paypal invoice for payment, before sending you your specified modules.

The course comes with a full ‘money-back’ guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the course content.  Here is a page of testimonials from satisfied clients of Dr Lea.

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