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I have decided to use my near 40 years ` experience and skills as a hypnotherapist and NLP Master to offer stress management and stress relief seminars to the corporate world.

As we know, stress is the biggest killer in the UK and costs industry millions of ££ annually in lost hours due to absenteeism, sickness, expensive mistakes and accidents.

It is also well known that many employees successfully make very costly compensation claims against their employers when stress prevents them from working. Therefore any company using my services will not only improve productivity and working relationships but will reduce costs of absenteeism and risks of costly mistakes and accidents and most importantly will in effect have insurance against compensation claims.

Any forward thinking company or organisation that sees the massive benefits of stress management is very welcome to contact me for full details and special bonus offers.

I intend only to offer my exclusive and valuable services to a select few organisations and banks as I do not wish to spend too much of my time on this work and have no real need of the money so will offer a good price to the right organisations.

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I am a hypnotherapist based in Coventry. I have written two books on hypnotherapy, available on Amazon, and I have many years experience in hypnotherapy. My book, Creative Mindpower Techniques, has received the prestigious Gold Shield Award.

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